Music Study

International Licentiate Diploma Status & International Careers are possible through ANUA SCHOOL OF MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS Professional Vocal & Music Education curriculum.

Available Tuition: Singing (Vocals) / Drama (Acting) / Piano*Keyboard / Guitar & Bass Guitar / Drums / Saxophone / Violin / Flute / International Modelling

Firstly, any application received will result in an invitation to audition with the School Principal so that a proper evaluation and discussion can take place before any new student is accepted for education at the School.  This will enable accurate placing of the student with the appropriately certified coach so that optimal achievement can be effectively reached.  Please NOTE: every class is structured and prepared up-front in such a way so the student is encouraged to reach up beyond their comfort zones – whilst at the same time honouring their current potential and abilities. GROWTH IS ALWAYS OUR GOAL.

ANUA is a School and Education facility where the tutors and coaches are passionate about ensuring the highest levels of education to those who know the value of hard work and who live their dream to make it to the very top and will stay with us all the way through.

Therefore, we suggest that if one is looking at music or singing only as an extramural or “casual activity”, we will not be able to accept such a student.   This page details the various levels of study available @ ANUA School.

Certified Tuition & Educational Curriculum/Syllabus available at the School from Initial Grade up to Diploma Level:

Master Class Student – complete training syllabus (All certified by Trinity College London) includes individual one and half hour weekly classes in intensive advanced vocal education. These students have committed themselves to entering the industry as a professional artist during their year of study – and only 6 places per year are made available for this level of student. Pop and Rock, Musical Theatre or Classical Vocals Syllabus are employed. The Master Class students are advised to also study Higher Grade Drama classes as well as One Musical instrument such as Piano/Keyboards or Guitar at ANUA in order to achieve their committed goals during the year. Theory Classes plus two levels of Theory and practical exams are compulsory for these students.

The education and course options shown above involve far more than working from a standard syllabus and go into advanced technical work in order to prepare the student for international stage-work and requires a large amount of input by both student and teacher to achieve the level of performance required.

Higher Grade Student – complete Pop and Rock or Musical Theatre syllabus (all certified by Trinity College London) includes individual one hour weekly classes in Vocal training – with a suggested extra study of One Musical instrument and/or Drama classes during the year. The Higher Grade Student is dedicated to their education over the long term and is required to attend each theory class, as well as participate in at least one Trinity College London Theory and Practical Exam each year.

Standard Grade Student – this is for entry level beginner students who attend the school in their first year and who may either require a concessionary process as they grow, or who join the school for study in the middle or part way through the year. This student can choose either a Half Hour (younger students) or a One hour weekly class as they learn discipline and their skill develops. A Standard Grade student does not learn Theory in their first year of study and can choose to participate in one Practical Exam at Beginner level or move it into the next years study once they advance sufficiently to the Higher Grade syllabus.

**apart from Piano/Keyboard and Drum Tuition – all personal individual musical equipment needs to be brought to school by the student.

Group Modelling Classes for male/female are also offered weekly @ 45 minutes per class. These classes are of a self-empowering nature and take the potential model beyond the pageant paradigm into what is required for international modelling standards and requirements. Stage presence, essential foot-work, correct posing for photographic, ramp and fashion work are all included in order for a professional model to compete with the world’s best. Talent Agency, annual industry showcase, industry exposure on a local and international level and speciality modelling are included in this. (Each potential model will be interviewed to ensure the dedication levels are present before being accepted at ANUA). Kindly note that these are not extra-mural modelling classes but only offered to those students who are committed and disciplined enough to do the required work to make it in an extremely competitive industry. See ANUA’s Rate card for information and pricing on these group classes.

A Non-Refundable Enrolment/Administration Fee of R400 per student is required and payable before the first class commences at ANUA School.

Please request our FAQ sheet in regard to the school Audition / Interview process if necessary. 

School Tuition costs are invoiced out per calendar school term and are due and payable in advance monthly payments. See our published terms and conditions agreement of enrolment regarding school code, payment options and other terms – all emailed in response to each enquiry for audition/interview  at ANUA School.