Have you got TALENT? Do you like to Dance? Act? Sing? Model?  Are you an Instrumentalist looking to perform? Then DO NOT MISS this opportunity! –  Come SHOWCASE Your Talent and you could enter into an exciting career in the fascinating Arts & Entertainment Industry.

With every achievement, there is a Dream, to capture that dream and make it work, there is a process where dedication and hard work goes in, to create and manifest a process that will last a lifetime. Our Dream is “International is Possible” and step by step, we are opening doors to a world where international careers and ambitions are a reality for many.

ANUA ARTS NEW AD FEB 2015Our work, as a professional Singing; Music & Performance Arts team, is to open doors for young South African hopefuls to achieve more, learn more and experience more about the world of entertainment through their passion in Dancing, Modelling, Singing and Acting or even playing a musical instrument. This is what the annually facilitated ANUA RISING STARS TALENT SHOWCASE is all about.

We travel to many cities around our country offering Initial Talent PRE-SCREENING performance events which we then select the sourced talent to be entered into our very own annually facilitated ANUA Talent SHOWCASE.

WE INVITE some of South Africa’s top Talent Scouts, Agents and Sho to watch the the performers and artists who are participating and performing at our unique ANUA Rising Star Talent Showcase. This platform provides a great opportunity for each of our newly discovered Rising Stars to be invited to connect with Talent Agencies and even be invited to perform in front of some of the biggest international names in the industry who started out where you did! Right here! Your career in the Arts & Entertainment Industry just got a one big step closer!

Our artists have a proven track record on this platform. Come showcase your talent in front of the very best!  This is a great and strongly contested annual competition that no only crowns winners but also takes them that next step forward – the potential to enter the industry as performers!