ANUA Student Evaluation Assessments

Evaluation Assessment Dates:

ANUA School facilitates regular class, teacher and student evaluations to ensure that the study methods, class and home practice are working in terms of our tuition schedule and syllabus requirements. Growth in the student is always of paramount importance. To do this means that as from June 2017 till July 2017 each student will be required to come to the school for an extra half hour at a scheduled date and time which will be arranged by the class teacher. Parents may wait at the school as these student evaluations, along with the teacher and our Principal Director Nico Goosen will be concluded within half an hour. Vocal students are required to arrive having warmed-up or may prefer to do so inside an available classroom 15 min before the scheduled evaluation session.

**There is no cost for these in-year evaluation and assessment processes – they are held away from class times so that each student does not lose any valuable lesson time.

Dates will be as follows:

Saturdays – ********

Saturdays – ********



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