ANUA Holiday Club

Are you at home for the Holidays? HOW about participating in an interactive and education style Holiday Club Music and Performing Artist experience? ANUA’s Holiday Club creates a fun, focussed and a fantastic opportunity to learn but without the pressure of a fixed syllabus.

Join ANUA for the first few days of each school holiday period and get yourself into experiencing loads of fun, learning more about who you are as a musician or performing artist. Our holiday club contents offer educator-led unique programmes designed to bring out the inspiration, the passion and enthusiasm and bring dynamic, entertaining and interactive experiences to the fore. Not to be missed.

Each holiday club begins on the first few days or each holiday period and are facilitated by ANUA’s experienced professionals and will cover between 2-4 full days of the holiday period. This gives the participant not only the opportunity to share some great space with other artists and students that they may not get to meet during regular class times but during holiday club times they become part of the whole ANUA space by learning from a variety of educators and coaches who will be hosting lots of fun and entertaining classes that are brim-filled with so much energy, information and learning that each participant will want more and more!

The experiences coming through during the ANUA Holiday Club cover many various subjects but are based on providing the participant with industry experience such as:

songwriting and arranging / performing arts industry / recording studio insights / stage work / social media / the business of the arts / agency work /  /international connections / how to’s / when’s / etc etc. 

Each Holiday club period has its own themed days and classes are worked around the student who is participating in the club. These themes are published up front and information is available on our social media pages or from the ANUA Crew by email.

Costs vary per holiday club and are published before-hand. Kindly call us to discuss or email us today for details of dates, costs and content of the next exciting holiday club @ANUA.

ANUA HOLIDAY CLUB: EASTER 2017 are themed and scheduled here:


Day One: Music Theory, scale and chord progression, rhythm & beat.

Day Two: Composing, Arranging, Various Scoring software, Practical scoring, music application

Day Three: Song Writing, Lyrics, Vocals, Background harmonics, Writing Vocal Lines, Arrangement.

Day Four: Progressions of theory, practical recording and studio arrangements, direct application.


Visit this link to find out more details and dates of upcoming holiday club dates and programmes.

Holiday Club Dates