Academic Study

Since 2011, ANUA has provided quality and innovative internationally certified education and training to hundreds of young people who have attended tuition at the school to learn vocals, drama, acting and music.

Our vision is to contribute significantly to the development of our youth in South Africa by providing innovative and accessible education in both the Academic and Performing Arts communities. In 2016, we introduced a top-quality academic curriculum to our education facility.

Putting each child first, we have access to the necessary professional products and academic led services to educate each learner in our Tuition Centre. ANUA is a REGISTERED IMPAK Education Tuition Centre that facilitates a South African GED CAPS identified Academic Syllabus.

Impak’s curriculum and subject compilation is in line with the national Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).  We also offer a number of additional subjects in the Senior Phase (such as Agricultural Sciences, Hospitality Studies and Tourism).

Please review our Impak Academics Video presentation on our Sidebar which details the available syllabus and grades and then send the School an online request to Interview and we will respond quickly to set up a suitable appointment.

Note: We are able to accept new Academic students throughout the calendar year, provided that IMPAK accepts their registration for the balance of the year.

The application to interview is shown on our “Contact Us” page of this website.