ANUA’s Educators

The vocal coach logo3 Nico Goosen  – Principal Director of the exclusive and top graded ANUA School. He is a gifted teacher and highly experienced Vocal & Performing Arts Coach recognised internationally and followed on social media by many big celebrities in the Arts & Entertainment industry.

He is also a Performing Artist, Song-writer and skilled Master musician.

Nico provides the Masterclass syllabus to a limited number of chosen students every year – many of these talented youngsters find themselves entening the industry in  a professional and technically skilled manner thanks to his hands-on, unique and intensive annual training,

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Zambia 2011 006Paul Kershaw (Creative Director) With experience as an ex-dancer and boutique model in my younger years and along with my fashion & clothing design experience my focus @ ANUA is to ensure growth is a continuous and transparent process by creating platforms and events that are designed to facilitate excellence in performance.

As a Producer and Director of the life-changing ANUA Rising Star Talent Showcase – it uplifts me every time I see a great performance from an artist who is willing to give and do what it takes to get to the top and stay there!

We uplift the industry by ensuring that each one our learners becomes a Rising Star in their own right by paying attention to image and “Performer Product” on a business level.  Along-side our talented, passionate educators and coaches, the quality of education that ANUA offers is unsurpassed in its nature and approach. Passion runs high here within all of us at the helm of the School and it’s with gratitude and honour that I serve the industry and all the students (and parents) that entrust us with their ARTS education. My motto is “To Be Successful – Do Only What Matters”.

Tyrone pic Tyrone Viljoen (Guitar/Higher Grade Vocals/Piano/Drumming Coach)

Music is my life. My life is my passion. I have been playing the guitar and studying music theory for 19 years. A path I have chosen and loved for every second. Music motivates me and drives my soul. It feeds off my emotions and depletes any negativity. It’s in my blood. I am music, and music is me.

It is a great achievement and an honour to be working for ANUA and truly a privilege to be working along side such extraordinary and inspiring colleagues and musicians.

An amazing opportunity to guide young minds and musicians alike, into becoming the next Slash, Steve Vai or B.B. King.  I am here to coach our students into becoming true musicians and composers, and further, train them into becoming professional artists! Their success story is my success story 🙂

I focus on rhythm, timing, tuning and correct technique on the practical side! This, the foundation to becoming an expert musician or singer.

‘A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.’ -Leopold Stokowski


Tsietsi May 2014 Tsietsi Morobi (Drama/Acting Coach)

Tsietsi  is an actor, performer, model and writer who completed his studies in performance studies and Television production at the University of the Witwatersrand attaining a BA (Honours) in Drama.

He has been part of numerous projects and stage productions during and after his studies including: 2010 World cup closing ceremony, “Love Happened Here” directed by Warren Nebe, Julius Caesar Project Directed by Prof. Sarah Roberts, “It’s your Life” – a project by the National Children’s Theater just to mention a few.

Tsietsi has walked international ramps in modelling shows at Montecasino and in Orlando Florida, as well as at the world-renowned Yotel in New York City.

Tsietsi is intrigued by projects and works that uses performance as a catalyst and vehicle to affect social change and spark dialogue amongst communities. He has also written and directed a few plays of his own. One of his roles as an educator at ANUA is to develop our talent into internationally sought-after performers and actors and as he says: “It’s not just talent that will get you there – but an undying passion and commitment to perform at the very top that will make it happen.”



Sharon Thibela (Foundation Grades Vocal Coach)

Sharon is an inspiring live performing and recording Artist who has already released her first CD single and is currently working on completing her international LTE with ANUA through Trinity College London.  Her unique ability to work with multi-genres of music and create depth and texture with her voice places her in a position to coach and tutor from a skill-set that is enthusiastic and fun.

Sharon is passionate about singing and performing and especially loves Gospel, Blues and often-times some Rock! Sharon has played the piano for ten years as well as the saxophone for six years. Her love for the industry and seeing other new talent rise to the top is for her, a most exciting moment. Sharon loves coaching vocals and music – with her undivided attention in class ensuring that all her students experience a stimulating and inspiring experience.  Her goal is to help each student to hit their potential mark.

Sharon says: “I’m a coach and a motivator, not a magician. The Work, the Dream… is in each student”.