ANUA Welcome!

Situated in the heart of the commercial district of Northmead, Benoni, ANUA is a private and independent speciality tuition facility registered as an educational facility with IMPAK (South Africa) (CAPS /GED REGISTERED ACADEMIC STUDY Grades 7 through Grade 12) ) as well as TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON (UK)  – offering Initial Grades righ through to internationally recognized licentiate certified curriculum for Singing. Music & Performing Arts.

As a privately run School ANUA focusses on the premise that Education + Experience = Excellence!  The School offers a more protected and nurturing environment that at the same time supports a quality of life which works around a grounded and inherent family value system. Through our three-tier motto and allied life-values our learners focus on preparing themselves to be independent, resilient and self-motivated.

This website will allow any new potential student to understand our School and also find out more about ANUA’s education curriculum  – as well as offer an introduction to the participative qualities we require any student to bring to the table, namely the values of Dedication, Discipline & Commitment. Please review the section of what we call ‘Star Qualities” to find out more about why these values are important to us.  You may also wish to view our on-line introductory video on this page for a closer look at why our students attend our “Unusual School” and succeed so well.

ANUA is not a School that seeks talented people, rather we are passionate about ensuring we have an education and tuition facility for those who know the value of hard work and who live their dream to make it to the very top and will stay with us all the way through. Therefore, we suggest that if one is looking at music or singing only as an extramural or casual activity, we will not be able to accept such a student.   To learn successfully, partnering with a successful educational facility that offers depth, experience and ability is essential. ANUA is that school.


Vocal, Music & Performing Arts Study: Initial to Diploma LTE Level                    


We also offer Premier education classes in MODELING & Life Self-Empowerment

Academic Study: Senior Phase (Grade 7 to 9) AND FET Phase (Grade 10 to 12) (CAPS Accredited & GED certified)

Please note all new Singing, Music and Performing Arts students need to apply to audition with the School’s Directors and must meet specific criteria before being accepted at ANUA – Academic students need to attend the requisite interview with their parents and be able to comply with the required values before enrolment commences.

Applications for this requisite audition/interview are on-line  – please use the appropriate link on the sidebar of our website.

ANUA School Operating Hours:

Mon to Friday: 8am to 7pm.  Sat: 9am to 2pm / Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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