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AMS PAGE 1 INSERTLife can be a passionate affair! It’s about living and loving what you do in complete enjoyment. Music; Song and the ARTS teach one about Life and its varied harmonies and frequencies.  Mix life with the healing gift of music and performance and suddenly life is enriched and empowered.

To learn successfully, partnering with a successful educational facility that offers depth, experience and ability is essential.

Our coaches understand far more than just ordinary techniques – to sing or play successfully one needs to include a whole array of other skills, along with deeper aspects of musical coaching and phrasing, acting and lyric interpretation.

Besides the excellent tuition that we offer, our extra theory classes, regular workshops and events add an additional path to successful learning. Our classes include theory and practical extensive training of the ear, and all ears are trainable! We are all at different levels of musicianship within ourselves and with correct and patient training anyone can master anything they set their heart to and experience that rewarding sense of achievement.

 As a private education facility – the ARTS education that we offer is equivalent to the level of an academic education and we require a lot from our students. If your heart is in it, we’re with you all the way.  ANUA SCHOOL OF MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS IS A REGISTERED EDUCATIONAL FACILITY WITH TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON OFFERING INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED LICENTIATE DIPLOMA LEVEL CERTIFIED CURRICULUM as well as offering the following key values:

AMS Front Page InsertWe know that Education + Experience = Excellence! We combine this with a journey of passion and inspiration through the excellent internationally recognized syllabus offered by Trinity College London’s educational curriculum. In as little as an hour per week, any student at our school can achieve an Honours Licenciate in their chosen ARTS field  and be recognized around the world  – suddenly you can fly higher and further you’ve ever dreamed of going! So Dream Big! –  Certification through Trinity College London can also get one a University entrance pass – please read more about Trinity College London listed on our sidebar for more info.

We are not a school for the ‘gifted’, rather we offer top quality education and tuition to those hard-working, committed and ambitious people from all walks of life who want to get somewhere in the industry and won’t give up when the going gets tough.  If you’re looking for that  “extra-mural casual” music lesson then ANUA is truly not the school for you – simply because we fling passion, inspiration and life at our students and we thrive on what comes back at us: Talent – Creativity – Drive and Ambition  – our Tutors live their passion so we expect and get more from each of our students because they are inspired to do more!

International Stardom & Career Launch opportunities are also made available to school students. The School holds regular auditions and workshops in order to prepare our Rising Stars to perform on an international level, all crafted to create opportunity toward launching the safest international career possible.  For information relating to these international opportunities including the New York Film Academy Scholarship Auditions held at the School – please visit our link to how these opportunities can be yours on our ANUA RISING TALENT SHOWCASE link, also on the sidebar of this website.

Please note all new students are interviewed by the School’s Principal Director before enrolling at the School – please apply for this requisite interview by using the appropriate link on the sidebar of our website.

ANUA School Operating Hours: Mon to Friday: 9am to 7pm.  Sat: 9am to 2pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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