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Academic Study: Senior Phase (Grade 7 to 9) AND FET Phase (Grade 10 to 12) (CAPS Accredited & certified)

Vocal, Music & Performing Arts Study: Initial to Diploma LTE Level  (TCL Accredited and certified)


Situated in the commercial heart of Northmead, Benoni, ANUA is a private and independent speciality tuition facility registered as an educational facility with IMPAK (South Africa) as well as TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON (TCL UK) offering internationally recognized licentiate certified curriculum.

As a privately run facility ANUA works on the premise that Education + Experience = Excellence! 

Combining this through inspiration and an excellent internationally recognized syllabus along with a pro-active local curriculum provides a student with a head start through private “home-school” style education both academically and/or in the Vocal, Music & Performing Arts fields of endeavour.

ANUA provides structured dynamic top quality education and tuition. The Tutors and Coaches at the School fling passion, inspiration and life at students and thrive on what comes back at them and utilises a developed and unique academic learning model that takes into consideration how learners are stimulated to learn, and how they process and retain information.

The facility’s academic learning model offers far more to their students due to the infrastructure utilized in their curriculum. Education should challenge learners with real-world questions and that self-directed learning encourages problem-solving and brings about critical thinking skills whilst stimulating a learners’ innate sense of curiosity.

Facilitators of education must have a structured guideline to facilitate the learning process as this optimizes teaching methods by enabling and empowering learners to facilitate much of their own academic growth.

  To learn successfully, partnering with a successful educational facility that offers depth, experience and ability is essential.

 “ANUA’s education team live their passion and expect and get more from each student because they are inspired to do more!”

Please note all new students are interviewed by the School’s Principal Director before enrolling at the School – please apply for this requisite interview by using the appropriate link on the sidebar of our website.

ANUA School Operating Hours: Mon to Friday: 8am to 7pm.  Sat: 9am to 2pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

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